Our vision, values and ethos

Older woman stood outside and smiling while looking up to the sky.

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Poverty is ruthless. Will you fight back? Together, we can end UK poverty.

Transformed lives. Thriving churches. An end to UK poverty. This is the world we want to see. 

In the UK, millions are living below the poverty line. Crushing debt and chronic low income are some of the main chains that hold them there. Every day, we hear about the burdens of shame, isolation and guilt that weigh people down when they are in financial difficulty. 

But we also experience the daily privilege of seeing people discover hope as they begin to work with CAP and their local church. Tens of thousands of lives have been positively impacted through the powerful combination of practical help, restorative church communities and Jesus’ love.

Transformed lives. Thriving churches. An end to UK poverty. 

This is the world we want to see. This is the world we passionately seek.

Our vision

We want to see people across the UK released from poverty, living with faith in Jesus and hope for the future.

We want to see churches that have become the beating heart of their communities, actively serving them and bringing the hope of Jesus.

We want to see a hope-filled society, free from poverty, with churches united to improve the lives of those facing debt and financial hardship.

Our values

We are Christians Against Poverty. At our core, we are Christ-centred – it’s what we call our anchor’ value. This guides our other values: united, compassionate and determined to bring passion every day.

We are Christ-centred

In all our actions, we seek to put Jesus first, committing to play our part in Christ’s mission to bring hope and restoration to a broken world.

We are united

We’re one community with one big vision. Whether staff or supporter, church leader, politician or service user, our joint efforts see lives transformed.

We are compassionate

Care is at our core. We choose to open our hearts to the daily impact of debt and poverty across the UK and respond with grace, truth and kindness.

We bring passion every day

We’re determined to make a difference to individuals and communities across the UK, courageously creating a hope-filled society.

Our ethos

We believe that everyone should be treated with dignity, live in freedom and have equal opportunities. When we can draw on our differences, each of us feels accepted and able to contribute.

We also believe that God gave us responsibility for stewarding the Earth well. This includes caring for both humanity and the environment.

As God’s people, our prayer is that where God’s heart breaks, ours will too. We’re committed to improving our society, so that it more closely reflects God’s kingdom and values.

As we do this, we’re taking steps towards our vision.

Our faith

Faith is hugely important to those of us that work at CAP. It’s the fuel in our engine.